Concealed Carry Application Link:

Instructions Per OSBI website:

STEP #1: Read and become knowledgeable of the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act.

Carefully look at the eligibility requirements, mandatory preclusions and other preclusions to determine if you are qualified to be an SDA license holder.

STEP #2: Complete the required firearms safety and training class or receive an exemption from a certified gun safety instructor.

You will need to send one of the following to the OSBI with your application:

- original signed training certificate indicating handgun authorized to carry, issued in the last 3 years, or
- original signed exemption certificate, issued in the last 3 years.

STEP #3: Apply online or complete an application. (Applications are also available at sheriffs' offices or by emailing the OSBI.)

STEP #4: Upload a color photo or attach two (2) color, passport style photographs to your application.


Photo service may be available at your sheriff’s office for a fee not to exceed $10.00.

STEP #5: Take the online summary sheet or completed application, photographs, and required fees to the Sheriff’s Office in the county you live.

The Sheriff’s office will:

* verify applicants against photos submitted and their Oklahoma Driver License or state issued Identification Card (if applicant has permanent military orders in Oklahoma, he or she may show a driver license or identification card from their home state of residence). Applicants who apply online and upload a photo must have a printer capable of printing a clear and legible image. The printed image can be black and white.
* take two complete sets of fingerprints of the applicant.
* submit both sets of fingerprints, the online summary sheet or completed application, certificate of training or exemption, a report of information deemed pertinent to an investigation of the applicant for a handgun license, the photographs, and the processing fee to the OSBI within fourteen (14) days of taking the fingerprints.



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